What do you do when your skins having a bad day?

I have always struggled with skin issues, whether that be eczema, acne, or simply dryness, my skin and I just don’t see eye to eye. However, there was this one morning where I woke up feeling especially self conscious due to the state of my skin ... I was experiencing yet another breakout, IN MY 30s, can you believe it, I mean I thought this stage of my life had passed in my adolescent days. Evidently my thinking was as flawed as my skin. Like I didn’t have enough to worry about; especially with my afternoon marketing meeting with an important client coming up, this breakout was certainly not what I needed. Why today of all days I asked myself.

You see, skin conditions such as acne and eczema can appear anywhere on the body and affect individuals of all ages, making it all the more frustrating. For anyone out there struggling with such skin conditions, as you can tell, you’re not alone.

When you start feeling insecure everything in your life starts to suffer. You no longer feel confident enough to do some of the things you love nor the things you have to do, like attending meetings with important clients, for example. Anyways, your mood just begins to deplete, which can really start to impact your mental health. It can creep into areas of your life that you never expected it to, almost like a small voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough.

Throughout the years I’ve visited various doctors who have told me that my skin situation could just be stress related, which, by the way, was very unhelpful considering my income revolves around a stressful work schedule. Ridding my life of stress was not an option at this point in my career.

But that meant the problem remained and the state of my skin was really beginning to take a toll on my happiness. I was starting to get hopeless thinking that there was no quick fix for me on my budget.

Then as if a miracle, chit-chat with one of my long-term clients led to the mention of skin troubles they had also been experiencing over the years, but recently they had come by this new product range that they now swear by, Amour Noir!

For the amount it cost I was willing to give it a try. My Amour Noir creams arrived within a few days. When I opened them, I could sense the quality and care that had gone into each of the products. Each cream came in a different colour as a result of the basal ingredients used.

Using these three creams interchangeably has been the quick fix I’d always been looking for:


After a single use my skin was feeling more nourished and hydrated. After a week of use I can certainly say that this is exactly the cream I needed to help get me through the battle I had fought with my skin. A constant battle, now won by Amour Noir!

You should know that when your skin is dry and irritated it actually causes breakouts and acne, by using Amour Noir’s products your skin gets moisture, reducing your chances of future skin problems. 

With Amour Noir’s moisturising line, you can pick which cream is more appropriate for you based on the various ingredients used and the specific skin conditions they target. 

Amour Noir has certainly helped me along my skin confidence journey. Moisturising my skin daily has been a vital part of my skincare routine, helping my skin feel more nourished and hydrated. At the end of the day, if you think about it our skin is our body’s largest organ, so of course it requires regular attention to stay young, healthy and blemish-free.

Without this new skin routine I was leaving my skin more prone to infection.

Dealing with skin problems is definitely not easy, but there are little changes we can make to our daily routine to help us with our journey. Some of us spend so much time covering up our skin issues with makeup or spray tans, instead of just being able to wake up and go, feeling confident in our skin looking its best.

So the next time you get out of the shower, show yourself some self-love and moisturise with Amour Noir’s new range, you’ll be reducing your skin problems and concealing skin blemishes in no time.

Click creams below to go to Amour Noirs Moisturising creams range and begin your skin transformation today!